Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beer slob to beer snob - Southern Tier unearthly imperial ipa

This post is not an endorsement about the consumption of alcohol but about if you do consume at least make sure it's in moderation and what your drinking is actually good.

I know that there is some association with sailors and drinking but that is an image the Navy as an organization has been trying to squash (rightly so). I will admit though in my younger and more foolish days after coming into the Navy that my alcohol consumption may have been in excess at times. As I have gotten older and more mature (really just too old to party hard - just kidding - really I just met the perfect woman) my alcohol consumption has moved from quantity to quality. I've gone from a night of partying and drinking like a fish with my friends to a glass of wine while I enjoy an evening with my girls (I definitely enjoy the later more).

Becoming a Beer Snob?

Even after I shifted away from my nights of drinking and partying to settling down, my alcohol preferences pretty much stayed the same. If you were to look in my fridge you would probably find a Bud Light or Corona. For a while, the highest end beer you would find would be a Sam Adams. And then came along my in-laws. I have to thank my mother-in-law Kathy for introducing me to wine and my father-in-law Paul for introducing me to quality beer. I feel like an idiot for all the years that I drank beer that tasted terrible (I didn't know any better) just to get a buzz but now I enjoy a beer now and then because it actually tastes good. One of my favorite beers as introduced by Paul is from Southern Tier Brewing Company.

Southern Tier unearthly Imperial IPA

Now this is quality beer. I tend to steer towards the IPAs based the hoppy and malty flavor. The flavor is good and it goes down smoothly with the hops not being too bitter. Sometimes you'll see with an IPA brewed with a lot of hops that you'll get a bitter aftertaste but I don't think this is the case with unearthly. This is a beer to sit down and watch a TV show or play video games but nothing I would drink watching a football game or long movie (more than one or two and you will be on your bottom). You really have to look at the alcohol content on these and moderation is really the key. If your looking for something a little less overpowering Southern Tier brews a standard IPA that is a close match for flavor but lower alcohol content.

So remember if you are going to drink, drink in moderation and drink something that actually tastes good vice chugging down that skunk beer. My friend Evan was a covert from Bud Light to Southern Tier unearthly and guarantee there is no going back.


  1. Once you go Mirco you never go back.

    Souther Tier looks tasty.

  2. I admit I was converted too from Bud Light to a good IPA (thanks Paul). It's true, if you go back to the Bud Light you realize how really, good the better beers are. MIL (Kathy)