Sunday, August 8, 2010

When game rentals go bad - Naval Assault: The Killing Tide

So I have been pretty busy with the move to VA but it looks like most of the unpacking is done and it's time to do some relaxing. For the most part my girls and I have shifted back into our regular routine of once Maddie goes to bed, wifey and I either play video games or catch up on our shows. With time to play video games this means time to start back up Gamefly.

So I pride myself with normally choosing games that are in line with the types of video games I like playing and usually I luck out actually liking most of the games I rent. Gamefly helps with that whole process because I can keep a steady flow of rental games coming for different gaming systems and genres.

Naval Assault: The Killing Tide by 505 Games (XBOX 36o)

So my most recent rental, Naval Assault, was a complete miss. I can't remember the last time I played a game that was so boring and frustrating. Naval Assault: The Killing Tide attempts to provide an alternate progression for World War II where Germany is not only successful in Europe but also drives Russia into submission thus bringing the war to America via their Naval Forces. Really good concept but terrible application.

The title implies big naval battles but really the only ship type you have access to is a submarine. As a submariner in real life I don't disagree with this except the whole submarine experience is watered down. Changing depth is limited to three depths (deep, periscope depth, and surface). Firing torpedoes is limited to firing the direction your submarine is pointed though the game allows you to nudge your torpedo after firing (very limited). You are also given assess to a deck gun when surfaced. The camera is probably the worst I've seen in any game. You would expect the camera to rotate 360 degrees but this is not the case. This makes it particularly difficult when expected to navigate a mine field where you can't move the camera to see the mines you are supposed to maneuver around.

The worst part of the game is the lack of action and the slow going lull between the spotty action you do get. I was able to play through the first couple of missions before finally calling it quicks. The actual game play controls are doable but the limited battle situations makes it difficult having the patience to wait through moving slowly and stealthily from one place to another or waiting for the ships that did detect you to go away (yeah the A.I. is really dumb). I have a hard spot wasting the limited game play time I allow myself sitting and doing nothing.

So I would definitely not recommend this game. I could see this game working really well on a hand held gaming system but on the XBOX 360 it seems like a complete waste. If you are really looking for a fun naval battle game try Battlestations: Pacific.

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