Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chop (Miter) Saw Station

I can fully say that I have caught the woodworking fever. You could have probably said this after I built my first two pieces of furniture to include my Entertainment Center that I previously blogged about. I think the sure sign of the woodworking fever is 1) the desire to buy woodworking tools 2) the desire to build of my woodworking shop. Both expensive and time consuming projects but well worth it when I can produce really good looking woodwork.

My most recent project was a Chop Saw Station inspired by the New Yankee Workshop.

The main goal here was not only to build a station to make my Chop Saw more functional but also to get some practice on joinery techniques. The primary techniques used here were a standard glue with brad nails and a new one for me, biscuit joinery.  I think it came out pretty well so let me know what you think.

The intent here was to minimize the amount of space that the Chop Saw Station would take up so I made it able to break down and be stowed away. The stand is actually a Black and Decker Workmate Combo that I bought a few years ago that the Chop Saw Station can clamp to using the built in clamps. This cut down on the weight of the station because there was no added weight for the legs.

I also included arm extensions that fold out for longer pieces of wood. The brown patches are sandpaper that I glued in place to add a little friction for work pieces to be held in place. The back boards allow for a clamping surface to hold pieces in place or to add a stop block for multiple cuts. I also still have the option of a measuring tape reference on the back board but I'll save that for another day.

This project was a lead up to my next project a Mobile Work Table with Extensions based on two different projects I found in a couple of Woodsmith Magazines


  1. show off! :) nice work!

  2. I like wood. The information good for me. I like décor my home by wood. I have problem with cutting board 45 and 90 degree. Do you sharing tips? I want to décor crib for my daughter next week

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