Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stowable Router Table

So it is a stretch to say that I am still running a Blog but here I am adding some content. Something about being an IT in the Navy makes it very difficult to be motivated to jump on a computer for a extended time once I escape work and get home but here I am. I have had some time to do some woodworking and thought I would share my latest project.

So my awesome In-Laws were gracious enough this year to buy me a Porter Cable Router (You guys are way too good to me) and I have been itching to try it. I figured the best to way to get a feel for how to use my router and make it even more functional was to build a router table. 

My original plan was to build a complete router table but after finishing the table top with insert it dawned on me that being that I am limited on space it might be a good idea to make the router table actually fit in my tiny garage. The router table top itself is 32" x 24". 

The router table is made completely from scratch with the only purchased parts being the Phenolic Router Plate by Woodpeckers, T-Track by Incra, Accessory Power Switch by Woodriver, and a few dust collection fittings. To build the table top I used a 1/2" piece and 3/4" piece of MDF laid on top of each other. The base is made from 2X4s pieced together into a basic frame with foldable legs.

This was definitely a figure it out as I go project. Here is the finished product in all its glory.

As you can see in the photo I used my workbench as the back support to the table while using the bench clamps to hold the router table in place. This configuration makes the router table stable while ensuring I can easily stow the router table when not in use.


  1. Fantastic my darling! You did a great job and now you have a new tool to hide in the garage and play with. You know when there is a diaper explosion in a few weeks....

  2. awesome job my friend!!!

  3. Great Job! Can't wait to check it out in person.