Saturday, September 18, 2010

Woodworking with Maddie (Sort of)

So one of my recent hobbies I've started in the last year has been woodworking. It started out as wanting to build a bird house or bird feeder and has grown into building furniture. I'm not sure if anyone else shares a similar frustration but it seems that there is never the perfect furniture item I'm looking for at least when it comes to functionality and looks. Half the time I only find a item that is sort of  what I am looking for but way more expensive that I'm willing to spend. My first couple of furniture builds where a end table and coffee table but recently I have been working on a entertainment center.

The entertainment center has been a long term project starting back as early as before we left CT (mostly just a design at that point) but is steadily coming along. There will definitely be a post once I'm done (hopefully soonish). The girls have been more than patient and I try not to make the project take of to much of my time but it can be time consuming. I request help when needed and let Maddie help when possible but a woodworking shop is not exactly a kid friendly environment. Hey sweeping and vacuuming is vital to a functioning workshop though no telling what I'm missing in the vacuum.

During a family trip to the local Lowes (yes we do this) we came across an opportunity to do a Maddie and Daddy woodworking project (plus many to come). 

Now while this is not exactly a woodworking project, I do think it is a nice intro into working with our hands, following directions, and working with basic tools. I bought this project set and a Red Toolbox Tool Set (Hammer, Screwdriver Set, Tape Measure, Safety Goggles). The tool set is nice because it provides an actual tool set that is convenient for little hands to use.

The pirate ship only required the hammer for assembly  and went together pretty quickly. Maddie needed a little help with the actual hammering but did really good with the putting the parts together. Actually the directions weren't really needed but where easy to follow. I had Maddie count the parts to make sure we had them all (a little counting in there).


There are quite a few more of these type building projects available so I can see a few of these showing up from Santa. Plus there is no limit to what we can come up with on our own. Lowes also does Build and Grow Clinics that provide more chances for building projects. Maddie and I are signed up for the next one. 

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  1. Perfect for Talk like a Pirate Day! Love those workshops.