Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gaming with Maddie Series Part 1 - Wipeout The Game

It is always great when I can split some video game time with the family. This usually tends to be difficult when the types of games I play are less than family friendly such as Halo Reach(very soon I hope) or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The biggest enabler to supporting family video game time has been the Nintendo Wii.

Our Nintendo Wii was definitely not a planned purchase and really wasn't a purchase by us (Thank you Grandma!!) but has become a welcomed addition to our home entertainment setup. The Wii is a video game system that is family friendly and also provides the opportunity to play video games while getting off the couch (we have actually worked up a sweat on some of the games).

One of our most recent video game tries (via Gamefly) is 

Wipeout The Game is based on the ABC TV Show Wipeout. My wife and I have been long time watchers and yes we may have let Madison watch this once or chance ( I know we are terrible parents). There is nothing better than after a long day at work coming home to watch people go through an insane obstacle course and some how escape injury. Wipeout The Game allows you to join in the fun from the comfort of your couch (no post game neck brace required).

The controls are super simple - The Nunchuk joystick is used to move your character and the Wii Remote Controller "A" button is used to jump (also used to steady your character or climb over obstacles via shaking it). The Wii Remote Controller can also be used while waiting your turn to shoot various balls at the current player (Amanda doesn't think this is fair). Madison is able to play her own character by herself so it allows mommy and me to be competitors also.

The game itself provides various levels of difficulty with the obstacles changing based on the difficulty level. Some of the obstacles are definitely harder than others. This provides a fun game but can also be frustrating at times. 

The graphics are pretty standard for the Wii which is grainy and pixilated at times (I know, spoiled by my XBOX 360). The mechanics for the individual characters do not mirror real life (which is probably a good thing) so you end of with wet noodle characters during falls, bumps, and crushes. This actually leads to the "Wipeouts" being very comical.

The character selection is limited to the characters provided with some characters only being accessible as you progress in the game. I was really surprised the player is not able to use their Mii character but the characters provided are quite colorful and unique.

Overall the is a very fun game to play but not something I would purchase. This game really provides the feel of a game quickly thrown together as a tie in to the show. Maybe somewhere down the road we will see a better interation of the game but until then Wipeout The Game is worth a try and a quick laugh.

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