Monday, June 28, 2010

Sweet Princess or Maniacal Genius?

So there is no doubt in mine and my wife's minds that Maddie is just the sweetest little girl but I often have to remind myself that she is her father's daughter (my wife reminds me quite a bit).
My most recent reminder that my daughter does and will most likely have me wrapped around her little finger happened the other day.

I am getting ready to transfer to a new command (back to sea.. um not really I'm going to a new construction submarine.. wifey is super happy) and as part of that my family has to get certain stuff in order. I was fortunate enough to meet up with Amanda and Maddie during the work day to get my wife's military ID updated and they both met me at the ID office. We got the task done (Amanda it wouldn't have been such a mug shot if you would have just showed your beautiful smile) and I had another errand to run separately so gave kisses and went on my way.

After I got back to my car I found that my wonderful wife and daughter had left me a note. Just a simple note from Mommy and Maddie. Super sweet and definitely made my day but wait... not yet the break your heart moment.

So I get home that night and Maddie is lovey dubby and talkative (usually I have to beg for a kiss or hug when I'm leaving for work). We actually got some game time with her favorite game Club Penguin where she was giving me kisses on the cheek every time I got her coins (trend here?).

A little later Maddie and I were sitting at the kitchen table when all of the sudden she reaches over, puts her hands on my cheeks, says "Daddy I'm really happy you liked your note", and then leans over and gives me a kiss on the cheek. Daddy is mush in Maddie's hands. She probably could have asked for a pony right then and there.

And so begins the struggle not to fold at every whim but to still make sure my little princess is happy (I know Amanda will keep me in check.. though I pretty much already fold to her whims so there is probably no hope for me).

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  1. She knows how to play you like a fiddle! And boy is that a rough mug shot. ::sigh::