Saturday, June 26, 2010

Down time for Geeky Dad - Modern Warfare 2

So for my first official blog post my thoughts are to touch on some familiar ground or in this case couch cushion and controller (and fine beer - sorry I was thirsty).

So with the big family move coming up I find myself busy but still looking for that opportunity to relax - what better way to relax than getting my butt kicked by kids on XBOX Live.

Usually I am jumping from game to game (and game system to game system) looking for my next big video game buy via Gamefly but I have found some comfort lately in some familiar online multiplayer gaming with

Modern Warfare 2 by Infinity Ward (XBOX 360)

(Never heard of Gamefly? Think of Netflix with video games - don't know what Netflix is? Then get click happy on these links, your missing out)

For those of you not familiar with Modern Warfare 2 by Infinity Ward your missing out on a solid FPS that is the winner of multiple Game of the Year awards.

You'll find the single player storyline is pretty decent but it is the online multiplayer content where this game really excels (I spent a week busting through the main story and haven't been back since). I spend at least a couple of nights a week for about an hour or so (remember responsible playing kids) getting my FPS fix. The game play is fun and engaging though the matchmaking sometimes can be a bit frustrating. Sometimes you find one team a little top heavy with experienced players while the other team is caught trying to escape a spawn point (I always think something is up when I'm pulling double digits for kills and single digits for deaths but hey I'm the slacker who just Prestiged for the first time).

The achievements and leveling/reward system (titles, cool equipment and weapons) also add to to the overall gaming experience. I primarily play most of my games on the XBOX 360 because of the achievement system (though exclusive game titles plays a lot into that too - sorry Blu-Ray Player um I mean PS3) though I am not exactly an achievement monger. I do find myself actually making an attempt to get some of the more obscure achievements or titles (hey what other game awards you the "WARGASM" or "MY LITTLE PWNY" title??) and definitely making the extra effort to use a weapon configuration or equipment just to get something cooler or better.

So if you haven't had a chance to try Modern Warfare 2 I highly recommend it or if you have it and just haven't picked it up in a while feel free to dust off that disc and play a match or two. Either way hope to see you out there in death match play land.

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