Monday, October 25, 2010

And the entertainment center is finished

So it only took me 2 months of on and off woodworking (plus months of planning - hey there was a move across multiple state lines in there) but I have finally finished my brand new entertainment center. This required a great deal of balancing family time, new job, and sanity but I was able to get the new entertainment in the house and everything installed over the weekend. I'm actually quite pleased with the end product. 

This is a view from our landing. Note the coffee table also made by me.
I was trying to go with a similar look but you can see the
differences as I was learning my craft.
This is a top view with the lid slid forward. I still have to pull out the unit for major
maintenance but the lid is handy for quick disconnects and troubleshooting.
I also including extra cooling via usb fans (bought these via

Nice little front view. The height is a lot better than our setup before.
Actually makes the TV (Sony Bravia 52" HDTV) look bigger.

This is a shot with the doors open. Quite a bit of unused space right now.
 I still need to go back and make some shelves for the XBOX and Wii.
Also may install internal drawers in the empty space. The upper center area hides a
center speaker and power strip accessible from the top.

Still a bit of a jumble in here but I didn't want to tie wrap too much until
I get the additional shelves in. The picture actually makes it look worse
than it actually is.

It feels really great to be done but the wifey and I are already planning out the next couple of projects (another end table and dress-up rack). This is good news because it means a upgrade to some of my tools due to my skill set outgrowing my current tools and I because I actually broke a few of my tools (beginner tools used at their limits). I'll post my other projects once they get done (couple of years down the road). Definitely welcome some tips for what I could do better with  next time.


  1. You did an awesome job babe! I LOVE it!

  2. And now I'm giving Evan TONS of crap for not just making our new entertainment center. You win at woodworking.

  3. Fantastic piece that really came together!!

  4. It looks great all closed up, nice clean lines. I especially like the thought about venting that heat. I know my 360 throws off a lot of it.

  5. Wow, Brandon you did a fantastic job. How lucky Amanda is.
    Your Gr. MIA