Monday, July 5, 2010

The boy and girl who cried....

HEART ATTACK!!! While I know it is not exactly appropriate to fake a heart attack (unless as a last resort to get out a sticky situation or awkward moment) I do often find humor or attempt to generate humor in the oddest ways. I admit (acceptance is the first step right?) that my sense of humor can be a bit strange at times but as far I am concerned if I get a smile, laugh, or head shake then I have been at least somewhat successful in brightening up someone's day.

So an ongoing.. joke? prank? way of driving my wife crazy? I have is any time I have indigestion or heart burn I pull the old "Ohhh... It's the big one!!!" while clutching my chest. My way of thinking is that I am young enough that I can pull this off without worry of a real heart attack hitting with my wife thinking that I am just messing around (apparently my performance is Oscar winning) but it definitely upsets her that I do this (don't worry.. it's a loving kind of upset). I tend to walk that fine line of amusing my wife and driving her nuts with most the time teetering on the amusing side.
One day my wife and I were sitting on the couch relaxing. Maddie was on the floor playing with her toys when all of the sudden she stands up, clutches her chest, and says "Ohh... It's the big one!!!". Completely out of the blue, no prompting, and I hadn't even recently done this to Amanda. Both of us cracked up (apparently Maddie can do this without a scolding).

While there is a lot of things that Maddie could pick up from me that are less than desirable, I think I can live with her assimilating my sense of humor and flair for dramatics. Though this may be a different story some day when I am called for a parent-teacher conference to explain why I taught my daughter to fake a heart attack during a math test (I guarantee Amanda will leave this completely up to me to explain... eye roll included).

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